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Busy Lizzies

Busy Lizzies

Trailing Petunia Pink

Trailing Petunia Pink

Hanging Baskets & Patio Container Plants

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A range of over 75 different basket and container plants are grown in the spring, in 5cm jumbo plugs, 9cm and 11cm pots, for an immediate effect.

Trailing putunias, ivy leaf geraniums, balcony geraniums, marguerites, million bells petunias and trailing begonia illumination mixed are all produced in 11cm pots.

Trailing fuchsia, bacopa, verbena, helichrysium, scaevola etc., are grown
in 9cm pots and 5cm plugs.

As well as these plants, a wide range of our summer bedding plants are
also used to plant baskets and containers.


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Begonia Iffumination Mixed

Begonia Illumination

Fuschia Red Spider

Fuchsia Red Spider

Hanging Basket Orders

Hanging-basket Orders

Begonia Panorama Apricot

Begonia Panorama Apricot